Cross Country Moves Murfreesboro TN
May 6, 2019

Checklist for Out of State Moves

Moving down the road or across the state can be an adventure, and Salem Glen Self Storage is prepare to help. If this summer involves cross country moves, our Murfreesboro TN self storage may be a useful tool for you. Moving to the Murfreesboro TN area or moving away for a few months, storage can keep everything safe while you get settled in.

Re-Stock The Pantry

A few days after your move you may notice some staples are missing from your linen closet and pantry. This checklist will guide you through the house, filling in useful products you may have discarded before the move. Everything from cleaning supplies to spices in the cabinet, now is a great time to get rid of expired goods, and have a back up in case it runs out.

Where To Update Your Address

Updating your address takes a few months and is something that needs done as soon as you move, but where are all the places you need to update? Moving cross country or out of state requires a few extra places to notify, but we have come up with an easy to follow checklist to help.
  1. Start by having your mail forwarded to your new home. You can set this up the week of your move through the USPS website.
  2. For taxes and voting registrations, you will need to establish residency. The normal length of time for this is 6 months, however each state is different, so check with your local government for assistance.
  3. Stop by the DMV to update your license. Since lines tend to be long, do research about required paperwork before arriving.
  4. Update your utilities, online accounts, credit card companies, and insurance agents.
Salem Glen Self Storage is here to assist with your next move. Whether moving down the street or moving to another state, our Murfreesboro TN self storage can help you! Give us a call or start renting online and skip the office.